What is Bio-Resonance?

Bio-Resonance is a way to support your relationships, build your business and enhance your life. A technology which provides an interface between an individual’s bio-field and a computer system, it allows an exchange of energetic information assisting the body in it’s innate drive towards balance and optimum performance. 

The programme developed by 'a Creative Space' is designed to dialogue with the body’s innate knowing to create the best possible environment for true self expression. In the very simplest of terms, it is a case of taking your name, address and date of birth. These details are then entered into a computer system and just like a telephone number, your details have their own unique numerical code. This number represents you within the bio-resonance system, and then starts to have a dialogue through cyberspace, just like WiFi with the infinite frequencies registered on the computer.

"when i was introduced to Bio Resonance i knew i had found something special. This programme became an incredible tool to complement my existing work with blood, and quickly became a huge success amongst my client base."  - toni dicks

This dialogue is conducted on a frequency basis and directed by the principles of resonance. The simplest way to understand the technology is to think of it as a dialogue between the bio-resonance computer and the consciousness of the person being addressed.

The results experienced from Bio-Resonance by Design Your Blood clients so far has been phenomenal. Differences have been noted in every aspect of life - how they think, feel, observe the world and choose to live. 

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